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Tips and considerations

Please note

  • The current model costs 2 credits per use. We expect to introduce other models for both more and fewer credits in future.
  • This works out around 45 cents per thousand uses for one of the prepaid bundles. If you're interested in different pricing bundles then please contact us.
  • Inference time is around 7 seconds. I could to much to improve this is there is sufficient demand and usage.
  • We expect to release other models, for different transformations and also different resolutions. If you're interested in something please let us know!
  • If you want to see examples of the current Toonify model being used look at
  • The RapidAPI endpoint interface doesn't appear to send mulipart/form data properly, so doesn't work. Please see our code examples for reference.

How to get good results

  • Make sure the original image is fairly high quality (e.g. face is around 512x512 pixels)
  • Faces in the image which are below around 128x128 pixels are unlikely to be found
  • Straight on faces work best, side on faces aren't likely to be found.